We understand that the outbreak of Covid-19 is daunting for us and our clients, and it can be confusing to know what your rights are when it comes to travel.If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask us over phone or email.

Due to Covid-19, Only limited flights just started to operate. We strongly recommend you that please call us to check the exact availability and fares for your required destination. We will be happy to assist you with our price guaranteed commitment.

Information is changing every day which can make it hard to keep up with the facts that are most relevant to travel. We're trying to keep our current customers up to date regarding the current Coronavirus pandemic impact on their travel plans and facilitating them up to our full strength to cope up with the situation.

On 8 June the UK introduced a 14-day quarantine measure, in place for all international arrivals. Violating the quarantine rules risks a £1,000 fine

You need to be aware of while travelling that UK is only advising against all but essential travel, many countries have enforced hard border closure. So it is essential to check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) website before attempting any travel. Many airlines have now grounded the majority of their fleet so watch out for announcements from them if you have any upcoming bookings.You can call us too for updates.

To find out about specific airline route information, as well as current Coronavirus flight cancellations, rebooking or refund policies, either call us or you can find all the latest news and travel updates on airlines' websites or check with the International Air Travel Association.

If your flights have been cancelled, you need to contact us to check for airline date change or refund policy. Airline offer you either a refund or alternative travel. If there is no alternative travel available refunds would be offered. Some airlines are offering vouchers at the moment.

Many, but not all, airlines are now offering flexible flights, which means you are able to change the date of your booking without a fee for making that change. Please ask us for updated policy details of selected airline while making the reservation.